Thursday, May 14, 2009

Maybe It's Just Me ...

Maybe it's just me, but i'm sick of going on Facebook and seeing statuses about people bashing the other sex. Dudes do this way more then women do (at least on my friends' list) but women do it too. It looks stupid. Everyone under the sun has gotten rejected/played and if they haven't yet, they will eventually. And getting your heart broken or feeling rejected isn't worth bashing a WHOLE entire sex over. Like "women are so fake", or "all men are dogs". It's simply not true. And if you want people to think that you aren't hurting by doing that, it just makes you look desperate, petty, and bitter. And NO ONE wants to be with anybody who is like that. Men and Women have their differences. Shit we always will. I don't understand 95% of the things men do, and i'm sure they don't get our tactics as well. We have our excuses that only work for us. Women can always use their periods and PMS to act like a big baby, and a bitch. And men can always say that "it's just in their nature" to do stupid shit, because sadly enough it truly is. All i know is we can't have one without the other and i don't think men are disposable creatures. Women aren't either. Whether we try to hide it or not we all have feelings, we all hurt, and we all want to be loved. Maybe i'm being a cornball right now, but shit its true. So instead of being a sexist either shut up or play for another team already ! Thanks :)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Farewell .

This is perhaps the most sad ending to a year yet. Three of my favorite people are leaving. I just wish them the best in their endeavors and hope that even though they are leaving that our friendships remain as strong as they are now. I Love Y'all && Will miss y'all. I know that it's meant to be this way and everything happens for a reason, i just have a feeling that in the long run this will be the best thing for everybody, no matter how sad it might be.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Hobby Search !

Sooo lately, i've been in a funk. I have WAAAAAAAY too much time on my hands. && while i LOVE blogging, i need a new hobby. I really want two though. I am in the process of finding 2 jobs for the summer (if i'm lucky, i'm just greedy like that) if i ever want to acheive my goal of having an apartment by august ! Soooooo, i've realized that the funk in my life has come from extreme boredom. Which i brought upon myself, and as i slam against rock bottom, it's time for a resurrection! I don't know exactly what hobby to get into but what do you think i should take up? I LOVE music, writing, art, the outdoors (long as i dont see too many bugs), water, people, anything house related. So here is a list of the things that i want to maybe get into :

- guitar lessons
- kickboxing
- painting (rooms, not like paintings)
- volunteering @ Children's Museum/or SPCA
- photography
- baking

Soooo what do you all think ?? That's all i have so far, but if you know about an interesting hobby that i didn't mention, feel free to add to the list. Your opinion would be greatly appreciated !

Sunday, April 19, 2009

What About Your Friends ...

"No person is your friend who demands your silence, or denies your right to grow."

Today, all i've really been talking about is friendships. Not to many of my "friends" denied my growth, but many of them demanded my silence. If i can't be honest with a friend, then they aren't my friend. A friend who stresses me out, isn't my friend. A friend who holds me to a double standard isn't my friend either. I haven't been the best friend in the world, but i've always done what i could do in a friendship & when my best isn't enough, and i've given all i can give then i guess it's time to let that friendship go. I have but a few true friends, and i hold them dear to my heart. I also hold everyone near and dear to my heart who was a friend, & we tried to make it work and it just didn't. Everybody needs a lesson, and friends sometimes are lessons disguised as such. Just make sure that you are the best friend you can be, and that you remove yourself of "friends" who aren't worth your time.
-besos , Melieka

Thursday, April 16, 2009

follow me .

Remember Confessions? Wasn't that like the best album ever? I was just listenin to "Follow Me" && i am really feeling this song right now. The lyrics are running parallel to my life at the moment but, lemme refresh ur memory: "There's more to my life then people could ever know. Sometimes i gotta smile, when i don't feel like smiling ; sit back && ride when i feel like driving. Nobody understands but you... ; Ooo i cant believe came just in time with what i needed." Well that's the part that is making me feel some type of way anyway. I ♥ music !

-Besos, Melieka


So why was i jammin hard as shit to this song this morning? lol .

My Prerogative - Bobby Brown

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Amazing Bloggers .

i don't really consider myself a blogger. I just like to write && talk about shit that gets me excited. But i just want to let everyone know, IF I FOLLOW YOUR BLOG...i ACTUALLY read it ! I keep up with it and everything. I think it's absolutely amazing all the artsy, smart, intellectual, eclectic, stylish, beautiful people we have out here and i'm glad i started blogging. When i started it i honestly didn't know why. I didn't necessarily want any followers i just wanted to try it cause other people's blogs amazed me a lil bit, so i wanted to start my own. But i love to read others' blogs, and i appreciate all the people who follow me, and then take the time to comment ! Ya'll dont have too, but you do anyway. Bloggers are amazing, loves it !

-Besos, Melieka

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Question Mark .

Sooooo, singer Cassie shaved 1/2 (not whole, just 1/2) of her head. i personally think she's biting off Miss Rose, but what do i know ? What do u all think ! -besos, Melieka

Monday, April 13, 2009

my worst flaw .

dying a slow school induced death !
procrastinating my life away !
CHEM 110 test this friday ...
Migraines are coming s l o w w w w w l y :(